Reino de España

(( Hi everyone! In two weeks my semester will end and in a week I will be at Katsucon! (that’s me up there along with the two outfits I’ll be wearing for Spain. I’ve got a different shirt for the peasant-y outfit, though. I’ll also have a sun hat for it, and both costumes I’ll be walking around with a basket of tomatoes. aww yiss) If you’re going and you find me, I’ll draw you a quick doodle just for fun! After the fuss with school, I’ll be coming back to do some ask doodles again!

Also because I’m too lazy to fill it out apparently I’m not having breakfast on Sunday and am starving. Possibly because I will have no money left. 

Should you feel the need to stalk me, here’s my schedule (enjoy my capslock):

That’s all. Bye~!



What have I done.

(( A little something for you guys who have faithfully followed my blog this far! ~ I’ll be back soon! ))

Tiny hiatus

(( I know I only just started, but I’m getting a little overwhelmed with life right now. I’ve got a convention coming up and there’s loads of homework that I have to attend to. Because my most of my classes are taken over by holidays, I keep having to take makeup classes and it’s just a mess.

I’ll be back soon! I’m sorry! ;_; ))

¡Ay, dios mio! Kids are so talented nowadays! Can you believe it?

(( Sorry if I messed up any details… I’m not a Homestuck fan, so I hope I did okay. vuv ))

What an interesting name to go by… I wonder how many comments you get on that one.

Polish Dick? Dick Polish? Dick Polish sounds like a real name. Weird!

(this is not a request) I really love your blog , my favourite of all tumblr's i dunno its just so nice i love it !! *hug* keep your work i really love your art !! ✿ (*^3^)/〜☆

(( sdkgjksdg— a-aww. Thank you so very much! I’ll try my best! ; u ; ♥ ))

20 Followers! Wow!

(( AHHHHH! I have 20 followers in a span of two days? You guys are really too good to me! Thank you so much! *//A//* After I get the rest of these questions squared away I’ll have to draw something to celebrate! -If my memory doesn’t fail me- OTL

That being said, I’m really sorry I didn’t finish the rest of my questions right away. The minute I got home from school yesterday I collapsed on the sofa. I’ve got quite a few to do, but I wind up having to scan things are awkward hours in the day because the computer with the scanner is frequently used by my dad.

dskjfkjs sorry for rambling. You guys just want answers. -DRAWDRAWDRAW-

Special thanks to sycoop19 for being the 20th follower. Muchas gracias~! ♥ ))

Is it weird to feel embarrassed and sad at the same time?
My head hurts a bit.

 (ε )

I’m almost a little sad you hid your identity! I wanna give you a compliment too!